Andrew at MobileX Cincy

Yesterday I got the opportunity to attend MobileX Cincy. It was freakin’ awesome. Tons of great people, panels and lucky for me a pad (I won a free iPad!).

I wanted to share as much info as possible from the day. So in the post below I have taken screen grabs from my Tumblr account and posted them here in reverse order so you can pick up some nuggets of info like I did from start to finish. In the next day or so I’ll also be following up with a full recap so be on the lookout for that.

Without further ado… MobileX Cincy:

If you want to view my actual Tumblr blog you can give a click here: or for more tweets and comments check through my Twitter stream from yesterday here: @Andrew_ShipPR

What was your biggest takeaway? Leave it in the comments, would be great to hear from you.


PR + Mobile Marketing = Great Friends

I had the pleasure of hearing Bob McCarthy, of Service Web Systems, speak today at the Cincinnati PRSA monthly luncheon. Bob is a specialist in all things mobile. From app development, to mobile-site modification, to QR Codes ~ Bob knows his stuff.

Thanks to Our Sponsor ~ Verizon Wireless

The title of Bob’s presentation was, “Mobile Marketing: Why Smartphones are Upending Traditional Print and Web Based Marketing”.

I wanted to share my key takeaways ~

Get a Free QR Code

– Did you know you can get a QR code for free. I did a simple Google search and found I put in my blog’s URL and was given this QR Code in seconds! Try it out and see if it works.


Adding a QR code to a traditional campaign is an incredibly effective way to share additional information. Specific QR codes can be tailored to land on specific landing pages ~ and we all know important specialized landing pages are thanks for our search engine marketing friends!

Mobile Proximity:

Savvy companies who take advantage of opt-in information can use mobile phones to pin-point consumers locations. Text messages can be sent as consumers walk to different departments within the same store. It is definitely a little “Big Brother-esque”, but is pretty interesting!

Mobile + PR = Best Friends

Bob brought up multiple points that really struck a chord in my PR brain.

  • Customers WANT engagement
  • Customers will only engage if you deliver value… RIGHT NOW

Thanks to new mobile trends like QR Codes and Proximity Targeting, public relations professionals have the ability to engage consumers and deliver value in real time. It’s up to us to get it done!

A Few More Great Points

One of my favorite things about Cincinnati PRSA luncheons is the engagement the leadership team encourages. All attendees are encouraged to tweet and use the hashtag #CincyPRSA. Here are a few awesome tweets from today’s luncheon!

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Have you incorporated any mobile strategies into any campaigns?

Until next time, whether it’s B2B or B2C, it’s Business to (a mobile phone carrying) Person!