What I’ve Learned in 6 Months

Value the Importance of Meeting New People

The best, absolute best, part about PR and Communications is meeting new people. Always go into meetings with an open mind and a willing attitude. In only 6 months as professional I have met so many awesome people.

Listen, Listen, and Listen Some More

Not only in person, but this is an especially important component of social media.

Ask Questions

People really enjoy talking about themselves, so let them. I promise you’ll learn quite a bit. Of course you’ll have to deal some conversations you’d rather not now and again, but overall this is a great way to get to know your clients.

What should be added? Would love to hear some great input!

Until next time, remember ~ Whether is B2B or B2C it’s all Business to Person


#Journchat ~ My Cure for the Common Monday

I never “dread” Mondays, but sometimes they can get the best of me. Now that I have graduated, and am “in the real world”, I have gotten into a Monday routine. No matter how bad Monday was, I have found a great way to turn everything around: #JOURNCHAT!

#Journchat is a weekly (Mondays from 8-9 ET) discussion of Public Relations, Journalism, and Communication professionals. The chat usually consists of 10-12 questions about current trends in the field. As a young pro, this is a great way to learn from veteran professionals. Sometimes I comment, but other times it’s nice to sit back, listen and learn. During a recent #journchat on March 8th, the moderator Sarah Evans, posed this question:

“If there was one piece of advice you could offer to new comm/journ/PR grad, what would it be?”

BINGO! I was excited to hear the answers! Here is a compilation of my favorites. Last night’s #journchat really got me excited about PR, if you are a PR pro that didn’t get to participate here is what you missed…

Relationships and your reputation will follow you forever. Protect and nurture both of them.

Take advantage of all opportunities given to you, and create you own

Learn as much as you can from established professionals

1)For journo students: Take an intro PR class. Better yet, take 2 classes
2)For PR students: Yep, you guess it, take a journo class. Better yet, write for the school paper

Know how to communicate no matter which platform you use, FB, Twitter, News Release, SM News Release, phone calls.

Liz Pope
Do what you say you’re going to do. If you volunteer to do a task, follow through with it on deadline and use it as a chance to set yourself apart.

Never stop learning. Grow. Adapt.

JGoldsborough (My Favorite)
Make a point to meet someone new each week. More people you know, more you learn, more you develop

This is just a small sampling of some other great comments and insights from other industry leaders. With that being said — What did I leave out, I’m always in need of some great advice, and I would love to hear yours!

Until next time, whether it’s B2B or B2C, it’s all Business to Person