The @Kotex @Pinterest Campaign

As we all know Pinterest is a rising social media force. It is a great forum for people to share what inspires them and show their own creativity. Kotex recently ran a campaign using Pinterest to identify female influencers to reach their target consumers.

Check out this quick video produced by the agency (Smoyz) who managed the campaign.

Obviously a super smart, well executed campaign that tapped into the passions of their consumers. According to the numbers, they had tons of interactions and reached a lot of consumers.

Why It Worked

As I mentioned earlier, Pinterest is all about creative inspiration. Kotex did a great job of joining the conversation (not taking over the conversation) by enabling these influencers to share their own creative skills with their communities.

I’m happy to see a brand in the right space, talking with the right consumers for the right reasons. Unfortunately, a lot of brands see the shiny red ball and want to go after it without thinking through why they need to be where they are.

The Next Level

Here’s my question though, now that Kotex has created this great community of women that are super stoked about the brand, how are they going to fan the flame?

Here are a few ideas that came to mind:

Social Good – Tap each influencer to find out what local charities they support that directly help women. After each charity has been identified send a creative inspiration kit that speaks to the mission of each organization. Each influencer will be asked to bring members of the women’s organization together to design something that represents the organization. Pictures are then taken and shared across their social networks. To give back Kotex then makes a charitable donation for each pin, share, tweet, Instagram.

Advisory Panel – Take a cue from Fiskers scissors and ask these influencers how each product can be improved. Consumers love to be heard and asking for their input is definitely a way for consumers to be heard.

I think one of the most important parts of a successful social media campaign is its ability to create real-life connections. Encouraging consumers to be a part of a real community is how you turn one time buyers into lifetime customers. I am looking forward to seeing what Kotex does to continue the conversation with the community they’ve created.

What are some ways you have seen brands continue to conversation with their communities?


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I am a communications professional with a track record of proven success as a social media strategist and social media community manager. When I'm not working I love to play golf, run and go out to dinner.

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