Remembering Your First #FF

February Fourth is the First Friday in February. Yeah, that’s a mouthful. In honor of the First Friday in February, I thought it would be fitting to highlight the first person who fancied me for a Follow Friday.

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The first person to give me a #FF was Jeff Cole (@JeffCole53). Jeff is a PR and Marketing consultant that understand the importance of social media. You can also follow Jeff on his blog: PR 101

I still remember thinking to myself, “What is #FF”. Once I figured it out… It was so cool to learn that someone actually read my tweets. That was cool, but I wanted to know why. I took the opportunity to reach out and learn that “why”. I sent Jeff a DM and asked, “Would you mind sharing what I said that piqued your interest?” He gave some feedback, and thus a connection was made, and learning was shared.

It was definitely one of the “ah-ha” moments that got me “hooked” on the power of social media.

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As many of us know #FF has gotten a little out of hand with massive lists on people and no real understanding or reasoning behind why a follow is warranted.

Let’s get back to to basics…

Limit your #FF to 1, or maybe 2 people. Tell us how they provide value to your community. Other interesting #FF options are suggesting a list to follow – or why not a hashtag?

Do you remember your first?…

Happy Following!



About Andrew_ShipPR
I am a communications professional with a track record of proven success as a social media strategist and social media community manager. When I'm not working I love to play golf, run and go out to dinner.

7 Responses to Remembering Your First #FF

  1. katastica says:

    I completely agree with getting back to the #FF basics! People are doing them on Thursday nights or Monday mornings–NO!

  2. Steeeeeeed says:

    i like your blogs.

  3. Stephanie S says:

    I completely agree. I never even pay attention to the mass #FF tweets. A bunch of names don’t mean anything to me. If I see a fellow tweeter give a #FF to maybe 1 or 2 people and says why I should follow them, I’m more likely to check them out.

  4. LOL, just had a conversation with Jeff Cole for the first time last night. Talked about companies that still want to control everything and what effect that had on social media. He had some interesting perspective.

    Love that you are actually doing something with your #FF tweets besides reading and saying thanks. Smart way to take it to the next level.


  5. Jeff Cole says:

    Thank you, I appreciate the shout out.

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