You Get Out What You Put In

As a young pro I do everything I can to meet, learn, and build relationships with veteran professionals. I was recently given the opportunity to join the Cincinnati PRSA leadership team as the sponsorship chair. This is obviously a great honor and I can’t wait to get started.

Today the leadership team met to plan for 2011. Going into the meeting I knew I would be surrounded by incredibly influential communicators who have experience in nearly every industry and specialty. I couldn’t wait to soak up tons of awesome information.

As we discussed ideas and thoughts for 2011, Chris Kemper shared something that really struck me:

You get out of PRSA (or anything for that matter), whatever you put into it.

In the age of instant satisfaction, remembering to take the time to invest in something is more important than ever. Moving into 2011, I’m looking forward to embracing “you get out of ___________, whatever you put into it.”

The new year is going to be here before we know it ~ What are your plans for making the most of 2011?



About Andrew_ShipPR
I am a communications professional with a track record of proven success as a social media strategist and social media community manager. When I'm not working I love to play golf, run and go out to dinner.

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